Frequently Asked Questions


Monday - Friday 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Closed 6 Holidays and the Day after Thanksgiving.

Inclimate Weather

We do not close for bad weather. If parents can get here, so can we.

Tuition Fees & Enrollment

How do I enroll my child in Koalaty Time?

Enrollment is based on availability. Once accepted, there is a one time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $100 required.

How old must my child be to enroll?

We welcome children 6 weeks to 6 years of age.

What are the tuition rates?

Please click on the following link to view rates: Rates Sheet

Do you send out year end statements?

Yes, by email from Diane.

Who do we contact if we need an invoice or receipt?

Contact Diane at

Do you take part-time daycare?


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept the following forms of payment:

We also do automatic withdraw. Please contact Diane at  to set this up.

What discounts are available?

A 10% discount is offered to teachers, principals, Wells Fargo employees, and AVIVA employees.

A 20% discount is offered to law enforcement, military families, and fireman.

When is tuition due?

Payment is due on Monday for the current week’s service or the first day you arrive in the center. Payments made after 6:00 PM on Tuesday may be considered late. Late payments may be subject to a finance charge of $10.00 per day. There will be a $35.00 charge for all returned checks. Returned checks are automatically submitted a second time and assessed another $35.00 fee, if it does not clear after the first time. At that time, you will be required to pay the amount of the check and all accrued fees. If cash is received for tuition, a receipt will be given. It is your responsibility to produce receipts or a cancelled check if a question arises with your account.

What if my child is absent?

No credit will be given for absences. you will not be able to make up the absences. We request, out of consideration to our staff, that you call if your child will not be attending.

How do I withdraw my child from the program?

A written notice is required two weeks prior to withdraw from Koalaty TIme.

What to Bring

What do I bring for my infant?

What do I bring for my toddlers or preschooler?


If you are interested in touring Koalaty Time, please call to schedule a visit Monday through Friday at 515-278-5220.


When Not to Bring Your Child to the Center

When Your Child will be Sent Home

What do I do if my child needs to take medication?

According to State Law, all medications will be placed in a locked container. A medication sehet must be on file and signed by the parent/guardian. Medications must be the original container and marked properly with child’s name, date, dose and physician prescribing the medication. All medication must be given to the front desk. This includes over the counter medication.

Vacation and Holidays

What is your vacation policy?

Each child that attends the center on a full time basis will earn 10 days of child care at half price, after each year attended. You must request to use these days by emailing Diane at (You may use them 1 day at a time, 1 week at a time, or 2 weeks at a time, being charged half price for each day used.)

Who do we contact if we take our child on vacation?

Email Jan at or call Jan at 515-707-3500.

Do we still pay tuition if we go on vacation?

Yes. No credit will be given for scheduled holidays or special scheduled holiday hours.

What if I need to bring my child on a day they don’t normally come or if my child’s schedule changes?

Email or call Jan at 515-707-3500.

What holidays are you closed?

We are closed on the following days:


If the scheduled holiday lands on a Saturday, we will be closed on the Friday before the holiday. If the scheduled holiday lands on a Sunday, the center will be closed the following Monday.

Do you have special hours during the holidays?

Christmas Eve 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM

New Years Eve 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Celebrating Birthdays

Can I bring treats on my child’s birthday?

On your child’s birthday, you may bring store bought or homemade treats that do not contain peanuts, peanut oil, or tree nuts. Please leave birthday invitations at front desk and we will pass them out.


How often will my child go outside?

State policy requires that all children, weather permitting, spend a few minutes outside in the fresh air. The State also states that if your child is well enough to be at school, they are well enough to go outside. Children one year and older will go outside twice a day.

What should my child have with them to go outside?

Summer - In the summer months, we require parents provide sunscreen for their child. We will not go outside when the temperature is above 90 degrees including heat index.

Winter - In the winter months, all efforts will be made to bundle your child in appropriate clothing brought from home - coats, mittens, scarves, etc. We will not go outside when the temperature is below 30 degrees, including wind chills.