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Welcome to Koalaty Time where we believe every child is unique... our goal is to recognize and nurture that uniqueness

20 plus years ago I was searching for a child care facility for my children. Koalaty Time is here serving Des Moines, Wes Des Moines, Urbandale, Johnston and Waukee today because I could not get comfortable with any of my choices back then. I tried in-home and a nanny, not to mention different centers, but decided to research child care to see what could be done to make child care a place that parents would feel comfortable leaving their children.

After 7 years of research and studying early childhood combined with my business background, I decided to write my business plan and programming for what is and has been Koalaty Time for 16 rewarding years. Koalaty Time has met and exceeded the needs of thousands of children during their young and formidable years.

Since the inception of Koalaty Time, it has met my expectations as a mother and as a business owner. I am confident we can meet yours.

Thank you for choosing Koalaty Time.
Jan Castagnoli, Owner and CEO

I have been thinking today about what I am thankful for. The obvious things come to mind; my family, good health, our home, my job, etc. But there is another thing this year that has not been present before and that is all of you at Koalaty Time. I really can not fully express in words or deeds how so very thankful I am for each and every one of you.

What you do for us and our children is truly priceless. You make such a positive impact on our lives. Because of you Zack and Kate have an opportunity to thrive and grow. I know that because of you our children will have a better life. Because of you Zack and Kate are safe. I have learned how powerful the word safe is. I can not overstate how grateful I am that you allow us a picture into the daily lives of our children when they are in your care. It brings me a level of peace that once again is priceless.

So thank you all so much! Jan, Josiah, Michelle, Becky, Dorthia, Chelsea, Megan, Michelle, Kate, Vern and anyone I may have inadvertently forgotten to mention. We love all of you and we are forever thankful for the care and love you show our children. You are all very special people and utterly priceless.

Marcy, Paul, Zack and Kate

Meet Kirbi Our Mascott

Kirbi will visit your child's classroom occasionally and will entertain at special events.

Click here to learn more.

Iowa Crime Prevention Assoc.

“We have joined forces with the Iowa Crime Prevention Association to provide a daily safety curriculum”

Our Philosophy

Baby Girl

Koalaty Time Child Development Center and Preschool will provide a child care atmosphere that is loving and positive. We will also generate an enriching, developmentally appropriate curriculum that will emphasis the emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of the children.

Our Objective

To provide an overall level of child care that is, without a question, the finest in the Des Moines metro area.

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2500 128th Street — Urbandale

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